Dear Bloggers,

LinkFromBlog service approves for work with us blogs which are clean from dirty posts. You know that we prohibit adult, gambling, viagra reviews etc. Read our terms of service please:

Rights and Duties of Administration, Item 6

Administration of the LinkFromBlog service prohibit to advertise:
a) any sorts of gambling, casino or adult content; cigarettes; alcohol; drugs; weapon;
b) tasks which is not in accordance with the legislation of the USA;
c) containing the “black PR” and “anti-PR”, as well as the materials of erotic or political nature;
d) using abusive words, obscene and offensive forms, comparisons and expressions with respect to gender, race, nationality, profession, social categories, age, religious symbols, the official state symbols;
e) being unfair, misleading, giving the consumer confusion, containing inaccurate information about the product or service, and giving no flear idea about the source of the information contained in the advertising message;
f) encouraging unlawful acts or calling to violence and cruelty;
g) representing the advertising of goods, free circulation of which is prohibited or restricted on the territory of the USA, including: narcotic and psychotropic substances, explosives, military weapons, etc;
h) of any pharmaceutical treatments, medical prescriptions, medical therapy methods connected with pharmacies; viagra.

Our advetisers may not be happy about content of your blogs. In such case LinkFromBlog will be on Advertiser’s side all money questions will be resolved not for Blogger’s.

So, we just want to ask you keep your blogs CLEAN with legal reviews.

Earn clean money.
Stay away from dirty money.
Or, stay away from LinkFromBlog!

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