It’s a well-known fact that the general purpose of the blog advertising is to deliver the information to the widest possible audience with lowest costs and change the greatest number of the users into the customers. 10 top secrets of a successful advertising campaign do not seem to be a secret for anyone, but it wouldn’t be out of place to repeat them again.

1. Prepare commercials EXCLUSIVELY for the target audience. The campaign should take place only in those blogs that have connection with the niche of your goods and services. A common mistake, which is often made by inexperienced marketers, is a start of the advertising campaign with “more or less attractive” commercial, which doesn’t speak the language of the potential customers.In order to understand your target audience, you may apply lots of implements, known since the times of venerable Ogilvie: from focus groups to the independent study of specialized websites, reference books, newspapers and magazines. Examine the texts, addressed to your potential customers, delve into the peculiarities of the slang, analyze popular plots and etc.

2. Don’t forget to mention your competitive advantage. One of the key moments of a successful advertising campaign is listing the reasons that distinguish your proposal from those of competitors’. Too many marketers focus on “literacy” and “propriety” of the commercial and forget about the main point: thoughts of the buyer, who has realized the benefits of purchasing goods in your company, make sellings rather than your words.

3. Use the brand image in ads. For example, the curved letter “M” from Macdonald’s logo is easy to identify in a matter of seconds, even with the help of peripheral vision. A lot of goods and services are known only thanks to their special logos or unusual package. So show the picture to the future client! Don’t forget: nothing looks so unprofessional as a lack of visual component of the brand. None of the well known companies would achieve its position without constant usage of the logo. But only impressive logo!

4. Spend money in order to earn it. Yes, there are plenty of the ways how to save money, but the advertising campaign is not the time and the place to “cut corners”. Such economy will hit your sellings and ruin the entire business. Reduce only those costs that don’t affect your way to the profit. Advertising is a goose that lays golden eggs. Do not cut it.

5. Place commercials only in such blogs that are read by the target audience. It doesn’t always mean that if you liked the blog, it would have a success with the potential clients. Inviting bloggers to participate in the campaign, ask yourself - are you sure that you are not buying the extra links? Inadvertence, when selecting the advertising platform, can double or triple the costs of changing a user into a buyer.

6. Do not let the marketing budget rule a campaign for you. Of course, 10000 rubles per month is very convenient for bookkeeping. But there may be seasonal peaks and reduction in customers demand and then the advertiser has to overpay for ineffective advertising or work without any diligence with the audience, he is interested in. You can not even imagine how many marketers regularly step on this rake.

7. Don’t stay in the same place, always look for the best alternatives. Sometimes having selected the blogs and bargained at the price of advertising post, the advertiser places the same commercial week after week on the same platforms. As the proverb says, don’t put all your eggs in one basket - buy ads in different blogs. Maybe tomorrow you’ll find the site, which will improve the efficiency by half.

8. Do not try to be everything for everyone. None of the products or services is universal. Many businessmen - from small entrepreneurs to those who occupy top positions in Forbes list - want to find the way to cover all possible markets. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work in the majority of cases - both offline and in the internet. Find your niche and focus only on your target audience.

Don’t buy ads in all promoted blogs in a row - choose the most suitable ones.

9. If your budget allows you - test your messages aimed for the blogosphere. If you have time or money to spend on focus groups - test the advertising effect on people without fail. To capture the reaction, use a camcorder or a tape recorder, record the answers, analyze the discussion, and what is the most important - keep an impenetrable objectivity. As a rule, two or three focus groups are enough for more or less verisimilar evaluation of any advertising text.

10. Monitor the effectiveness of the commercials. Don’t forget to ask new customers where they heard about you. It is so simple that most entrepreneurs don’t pay due attention to such issues. However, the information about what commercials do really promote your business – is the most
important information indeed in your life.