Vishen Lakhiani, the founder of Mindvalley company, earned 930 000$ in a year with his blog. He spent just a week to create this blog. At the conference Engage Today in June 2011 Vishen outlined the main principles that he guided by, creating and promoting the blog.

Step 1: Create a blog, always use WordPress

Word Press is the only tool you should use. People usually use it very carelessly, creating their blogs. We name such blogs - “the blogs in style of Lindsay Lohan”. Careless, neglected… all the wrong way out. Our task is, using WordPress, to make all at the level of Skarlett Johansson. That is now we pass from Lindsay Lohan to Skarlett Johansson. There is a simple way to make it. Visit Woothemes offers you beautiful themes for Word Press. Choose the theme called “Canvas”, apply it to Word Press and you will get a blog in style of Skarlett Johansson.

Step 2: Fill your blog with content

Many people have problems at this stage. They think they should create their own content to be considered as the experts. It is not the case. There are 2 ways of the creation of content. They are called “Roger Ibert” and “Steven Spielberg”. One is the the film critic, the second is the film director. I walked down the way of the least resistance earning the money. I did not do films, I did their reviews. I did reviews about remote vision. I found original articles about remote vision on the Internet, then added them to the blog, having received permissions from the authors, and gave the references to the original. The only thing that I added was an introduction. So, here is the introduction, and here is the original. You only need to write the introduction in order to ensure good Google indexing of the article. Sometimes I found relevant videos about remote vision on Youtube. I wrote introduction, added the video, wrote the conclusion, suggesting to leave comments. These articles can be divided into categories. When you add articles to a blog, they can be divided into various categories. We decided to create a list of the categories which would correspond to the interests of our audience. Many people make a mistake, creating a list of categories on the basis of their own understanding of the market. You simply can use Google to search keywords. Then you take the popular keywords and create a list of categories of the blog on their basis. I created 100 articles in my blog and put them into categories according to the needs of Google. As a result, after 6 months the site has appeared on the first page of Google.

Step 3: Attract more subscribers, but not traffic

Many people think it’s all about traffic. This is not the case. The main thing is the number of subscribers. We added the registration form to our blog. When we first started the blog, we had no any content, no any free courses. But we discovered one amazing thing. We got more subscribers, using the technique «don’t pass …» We did not say: “Subscribe and get 7 free lessons or a video”. We said only: “Do not miss the launch of our free course in 2009! Join the waiting list and we will contact you”. For some reason we got a 37% increase in the number of registered users, despite the fact that usually this value is 12%. Probably people were more intrigued by the expectation of something, rather than its immediate reception. I do not know why. Maybe people just like to wait for something.

Step 4: Building a relationship with a subscribers list

Due to the fact that I managed a lot of other sites and in accordance with the subject of the blog, I came up with a nickname “Michael Jura”. So, Michael Jura sent emails to the subscribers one, sometimes two times a week. He simply shared tips and articles with the help of such emails. He simply gave references to the most interesting articles from the blog. Besides Michael sent very friendly letters. Again, it was only the sixth month and I had only 7000 subscribers.

Step 5: The most interesting thing, making profit

So, 6 months passed. There were about 6000 people in my list. No any products, only a blog with articles which got on the first pages of Google. Here what I made then. I have contacted 5 leading experts on remote vision and asked them: «Can I interview you? I have 5000 subscribers”. 4 from 5 answered “yes”.
And I began to interview them. Usually interview looked like the following. I created a virtual cover and wrote down the interview. The result was a valuable content with a duration of 60-90 minutes and 1000 listeners. And on the 30-th, 40-th, 60-th minutes there was an appeal to action. I could tell: “If you like Jarrod, visit my blog and buy his product.” And the price of the product was about $ 400. My first interview was very successful. I earned 10 000 dollars. It was perfect.

The second interview – it was something. I have earned 110 000 of dollars. It was the unprecedented success.
I have started to appoint interviews one behind another. So, I earned $930 000 during the period between 6th and 18th months. The first 6 months were devoted to the blog creation and its optimization for Google. Then during the remained 12 months we have earned almost one million dollars.

In fact, I earned $ 930 000 for 7 interviews. Each interview took an hour. Another hour was required to prepare for the interview. In total, I worked for about a week for an entire year to earn this money!