If you plan to create a blog, it will be almost impossible to work with it without e-mail. It is very convenient to have a separate e-mail account, specifically for the blog. Now I’ll tell you why it’s important to have an e-mail account on Gmail. Google offers many free tools to work on the Internet, but you can access them only after registering an account.

Indeed, the account on Gmail is not only a gigabyte of storage space for letters, but also an easy-to-use interface and many other useful things that will help you in the future.

Access on YouTube.

After Google bought YouTube, you can register for the video hosting using your e-mail account. You want to upload videos to the most visited video portal, don’t you?

Access to Google Analytics.

Google Analytics allows you to analyze the movement of visitors of your web site to assess the effectiveness of the site from a commercial point of view. It also provides detailed statistics on attendance.

Access to Google Adwords.

It provides tools for placing contextual advertising based on Google’s search results and on many Web sites that belong to the Google Display Network.

Google AdSense – contextual advertising.

Google AdSense is the system for contextual advertising earnings. It is the most simple way to make money on your own site from the technical point of view.

Webmaster panel.

With it you can learn how your site is indexed by the Google search engine and look at it through the “eyes” of the search robot to remove unnecessary pages from the search.

Google +

It is an absolutely new social network.

All these services should be enough to make a choice in favor of Google Mail.

And I didn’t even mention the other useful services and tools such as docs.google, time planning сalendar, questions–answers service, which can be used for promotion of a site and for reception of the answers to different questions, Google Sites – a simple way to create free web sites.