Starting a new blog is an amazing time of inspiration, ideas and dreams of future glory. Although if you plan to monetize your blog, you can experience a serious stress at an early stage of its development. Writing articles and build-up of external links takes time. Unfortunately, not all bloggers are rewarded for their efforts.

If you are starting a blog for the first time - here are some things you should know. One wrong step, and the prospect of monetizing your blog will be seriously reduced.

Here are eight things that can ruin your work if they are not taken into account when creating a blog:

1. You have created a “wrong” blog

The biggest mistake a blogger can make is to choose the wrong subject. Yes, of course, the content is the “King of the blog,” but it will not give you thousands of readers, if you write, for example, about the reproduction of worms. Think carefully about what kind of blog you want to create. Choose something that you can monetize. Write what you know. Write about something you are passionate about.

2. You decide to blog, having the wrong motive

Here are two things that all bloggers should realize before they start their blogs:
● Blogs rarely bring good profits in the first year of their existence. Those who do not accept this fact, hardly will celebrate the second yeah of life of their blog.
● Do not start a blog with only goal to make money. Only passionate writers with a large circle of readers have substantial revenues. The rest - only get pocket money.

3. You forgot to introduce yourself

When someone visit your blog for the first time, he knows nothing about you. If visitors like your publications, they will want to find more information about you. So they will visit the “About me” page. The information that your reader will find there, can be crucial for his decision to return again.
Find some time to make the page about yourself more informative. Perhaps this is the most important page of your blog. At least, it should contain the following:
● Who you are (preferably with photo)
● What is your blog about.
● Why you can be trusted (what gives you the right to write in this blog).
● What can readers expect from you in the future.

4. You copy the old news

If your working principle is to collect existing information, then you will become another one faceless copypaster.
Why passion is so important when choosing a topic for a blog? It is because an interesting blog is created not by facts, but by opinions. If you do not write with passion, it will be very difficult to express your opinion.
If you think you can copy other people’s ideas and make money on it, then think again. No matter what you write about - you should always strive to say something new.

5. You communicate with yourself

Blog involves two-way communication. This means that each publication shall be made available for comment, and the blogger is obliged to reply to all incoming messages. Prohibit readers to share their opinions, and you shall drive away not only all interlocutors, but also those who are just reading the conversations, without entering into the discussion.
Encourage commentators: ask readers to leave feedback and respond to it. Moderate the comments with maximum accuracy.

6. You post publications when you feel like it

Lack of updates will kill any blog, not to mention the newly created. Whether you post publications every day or once a week - it does not matter. The main thing is that you should have your schedule, and adhere to it. When someone visit your blog, he must know when to expect the next article. Otherwise, why would he come back?

7. You expect the audience will find you itself

One of the most important tasks, when you start a new blog, is to get noticed. If you do not promote your blog, you’ll have to wait quite a long time. And there is no guarantee that readers (and advertisers!) will find you!
The easiest way to promote your blog is to find people interested in your topic, and just chat with them. In other words, find the most popular blogs of your subject and start to leave comments there (of course, in the case). Find the most visited forums that are close to your blog subject, and get involved in discussions. In this way you will kill three birds with one stone: find an interested audience, get the opportunity to promote your blog gently and find a lot of issues and questions for new publications.

8. You underestimate (or overestimate) the value of search engine optimization

Every profitable sector of blogosphere is already settled by hundreds of bloggers who want to earn. And since they all use SEO, you also have to learn the principles of search engine optimization. Otherwise your blog from the first day will be in a continuous exhausting struggle.
But there is another side of the coin: many bloggers direct all their efforts to SEO, even though their main task is to create quality content. These bloggers can get some profits in the short term, but if Google will once again update its algorithms, their overoptimized blogs will lose all of their benefits. Optimize your publications for search engines, but write for readers.