It’s a well-known fact that the general purpose of the blog advertising is to deliver the information to the widest possible audience with lowest costs and change the greatest number of the users into the customers. 10 top secrets of a successful advertising campaign do not seem to be a secret for anyone, but it wouldn’t be out of place to repeat them again.

1. Prepare commercials EXCLUSIVELY for the target audience. The campaign should take place only in those blogs that have connection with the niche of your goods and services. A common mistake, which is often made by inexperienced marketers, is a start of the advertising campaign with “more or less attractive” commercial, which doesn’t speak the language of the potential customers.In order to understand your target audience, you may apply lots of implements, known since the times of venerable Ogilvie: from focus groups to the independent study of specialized websites, reference books, newspapers and magazines. Examine the texts, addressed to your potential customers, delve into the peculiarities of the slang, analyze popular plots and etc.

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